Rep. Collins: Pelosi is leaving a sad legacy

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Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins reacts to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi withholding impeachment articles from Senate.

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Chris Kiry says:

Why isn't schiff in gaol for lying to Congress for so many years

Walter Hankston says:

Over 75,000 ppl alone in UK protested against Trump, other world leaders laugh at him, and all while a 73 yr old man 27 yrs away from 100 tweets racists insults, belittle Americans and divide the USA spineless Americans put their soul on the line to support a coward and prolific liar. 330 million ppl here.. 22 million imprisoned which is the most on the planet… Over 70% of America is white roughly 12% is black or just a lil over but yet out 22 million ppl imprisoned here Black ppl make up almost half of that number even after slavery theres no freedom here just racism from cowards in high positions and we're watching a president who has 6 or 7 of his buddies who so call respect the constitution all end up with felonies.. Im black from the hood hood blessed to be here and proud to say I don't have a felony 33 yrs old and have friends from every race I met and could befriend. Being brave is having can be having not a single doubts when you love ppl and willing to die for your family not Trump!

Mnt Mist says:

Rep. Doug Collins explains it all. Thanks, Fox.

Revolver Ocelot says:

God bless Rep. Collins

Bob Carp says:

I don't want anything to do with any god this guy pastors for….

Linda Schultz says:

Up til thisadmin she was respected. No more. She is out and not in a good way. Sad.

Ruth Elias says:

Don't be fooled. She is strategically planning the release to coincide with her Bill Maher interview. She is a player. Violating her oath of office and obstructing our constitutional process. She needs to be removed. She has a bad case of self importance. It looks like the beginning of Parkinsons when she speaks in public. Seriously.

Greg thanks says:

All this for what,upon recieving the documents,have the Senate vote, game over now let's raise a glass to Nancy and Chuckie cheese head for taking away all the undesieded votes and putting them in Trump's corner,no need to rub there face in it, November of 2020 will be enuff, can't wait to see her face at the swearing into office ceremonies in early 2021,headlines could read Nancy has to eat at Chuckie cheese,because she was denied entrance

Scott S says:

The whole point is to block the House from investigation in FISA, and Horowitz

Pete McKevich says:

Collins is a ignorant asshat. He’s high on coke

Country Boy says:

Democrats Congress are the enemy of the state! They are no better than the Iranian government!

I'm Out says:

Zero credibility.
Very divisive.
This is a U.S Congressman?
Surely you jest!!

Richy Cartel says:

Just today, a House Representative addressed the House from the House floor to enforce rule (I think number, 3939b) that requirs when the Speaker becomes unable to do it's funtions/duty (such as sent onto the Senate the "Articles of Impeachment), for the House to temporarily put-in a Acting person to carry-out that funtion/duty that Speaker Nasty Nancy refuse to do, pursuant to Due Process of Law required by the 9th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the USA.
I Remain,
9JAN20; 21:05 H.H.

Steve McFarland says:

Pastors aren’t supposed to bear false witness. Another CINO—Christian in name only.

Lady You Go says:

This interview with Collins was such a waste of time talking about everything else except the truth

Melynda Dunn says:

truth always prevails!

Maria Elena Gonzalez says:

How sad, imagine when she gets older. All she will get from people is hate, because that's all she gives.. If she is really a Catholic, the gates to heaven are going to be closed and only a big sign pointing down will appear. No sympathy will she get from the citizens of this great COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!

mysticCrunch says:

One flew over the VODKA bottle !

Lotty Paria says:

My assets comes my banks then I deal with my people

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